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0 (very very late) thursday melody #15

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Stephen Jerzak - Cute

0 what a shame!

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Oh yes, it is.

I haven't been posting anything for more than a month. For several reasons.


Reason No.1) I stayed in Italy for two entire weeks without Internet. I didn't even take lots of pictures. It's embarassing.. but hey, the holidays were worth it.

Reason No. 2) One week in Paris, again without Internet (oh yes, it's possible!).


So I've got to make it up to you. And here it comes -  a new film review that was expected way earlier and finally arrives.


The Expendables

...or how one old man managed to get all the crazy action heros and put them into one movie that shows absolutely no difference to any other action movie.


I'm not gonna be too hard. Stallone really knows what he's doing. And it's an action movie, it's supposed to be unnecessarily violent with lots of explosions and gunfire and stuff. And actually he succeeded in creating the whole athmosphere you expect when you go watch a movie like this one. But that's it. There's Bruce Willis' name on the poster, he appears exactly once (the same for Arnold, btw). 

The plot is very simple. The Expandables, this group of highly skilled mercenaries (including actors like Jet Li, Jason Statham or Dolph Lundgren) head onto a South American island to kill their merciless dictator. Once there, they discover the true conflict that's happening there and everything suddenly changes..

Well, what else can I say. If you like Rambo, Crank or Indiana Jones - watch it. If you like The Notebook - don't. But you're still allowed to enjoy the trailer.


0 my favourite blogs #3

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There are blogs about everything. Sewing. Dogs. There are even blogs about socks. So.. I don't think you're gonna be shocked by the blog I'm gonna show you now. It's so politically incorrect - you gotta love it.


Stuff White People Like


(yes, you can even order this fantastic book online; what a birthday gift!)


I love checking this blog which already has more than 62 Million hits. I'll give you a few examples why:



Check it out. No matter what colour your skin is.


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0 thursday melody #14

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Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree

1 mr nobody.

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You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.





You've got one choice to make. However you choose, that's the direction that life will lead you. Whatever happens - it's your choice.

What a remarkable idea. Jaco van Dormael shows us that life is not destiny. We are who we are because we chose to be who we are. We are a sum of our choices. This simple way of thinking makes this movie so... different. Nemo Nobody is 34 years old and leads an average life with Anna, the girl he's always loved. But then - cut - Nemo (played by Jared Leto) is 118 years old and the last mortal human on earth. His death is shown live on TV all over the globe. And one interviewer manages to get the last chance to talk to the last person on earth who will die.

The story that is told is very complex. The old man talks about his life as if a couple of stories happend at the same time. As if he lived in three places at once. We see him in different ages, with different friends, once with his father, once with his mother. He asks himself the question:


What would have happened if I had chosen the other way? How would I have lived?


And there is one quote I don't want to hide from you because for me it contained so much truth:

Young Journalist: Everything you say is contradictory. You can't have been in one place and another at the same time. Of all those lives, which one is the right one? 
Nemo Nobody aged 118: Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been everything else and it will have just as much meaning. 


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4 we're waterproof.

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1 mercatino.

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The mercatino is a tiny market inside of the men's open air swimming pool (Rimini Bar) in the heart of Zurich. The scenery and the people are unique.

And I totally got a haircut there.

Enjoy the impressions.

3 first time on lookbook.

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1 shutter island.

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Why are you all wet, baby?



We all know about Leo DiCaprio's ingeniousness. He's not that handsome kid on that big sinking boat anymore. He's got skills. Now combine those skills with Martin Scorsese's brain and you get a movie like Shutter Island.

I watched it for the third time yesterday and it's still very... let's call it different. Actually it's weird if you watch that movie more than once. The second time you watch it, everything seems so obvious. You can see way more tiny little hints throughout the whole plot. But still, it's awesome.

So if you like thoughtful, deep movies and you're fascinated by stories where the ending is so not forseeable (not like in Seven Pounds or Remember Me, where you could easily leave the cinema half an hour before)... than watch this one.


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2 thursday melody #13

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Lifehouse - Everything

0 (500) days of summer.

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'This is a story of boy meets girl. But you should know up front, this is not a love story.' 



Do you remember how you felt on the happiest day of your life? The satisfaction that was running through your body, the uncomparable possibility of living and enjoying this moment as long as possible... Take all those feelings and let them rate a movie. Because that's how brilliant (500) Days of Summer is.

Besides the fact that the ingenious way of telling the story in a nonlinear way the dialogues, the music and the plot are simple perfection to me. Zooey Deschanel (who btw totally reminded me of Katy Perry..) is not a Megan Fox or an Amanda Seyfried (at least to me, haha). But the way of her character's not committing to a relationship and being only available when she wants it makes her unbelievably attractive. The movie captured me again when I watched it a couple of days ago for like the fourth (?) time. Why?

The Music

Carla Bruni, Simon and Garfunkel, The Smiths, Regina Spektor and a couple of others. This movie has a more than solid musical base. It's totally built on a certain style (also if you check out what the leading actors are wearing). It has this continuing line and way of style throughout the whole story. 

The Plot

Tom Hanson meets Summer Finn. He falls in love with her.

Actually, that could be a summary. The important part is that the story is not told in a linear way. So the days randomly change but you're always within this mark of those 500 days. That's how long their relationship lasted.

Summer Finn is  a very special character. But lovable. I think you can argue about her way of seeing things in life. But she is a very straightforward person and honestly says what she wants. Of course this can hurt people. But in her situation, I totally understood her. And I also understood why Tom loved her the way she was.


I can only tell you that this is one of my absolute favourite movies. So if you haven't checked it out yet, do it now.


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1 the photographer - zurich.

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0 friday melody #2 - due to me having a life.

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Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit

0 v-neck - zurich.

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0 a dream come true.

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Thank you, Tamara. Birthdays turn out not to be that bad, eh?


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0 a second of happiness you can never get back.

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0 thursday melody #12

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thursday melody on a friday morning. 



Kings of Leon - Closer

2 my favourite blogs #2

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After my first entry a couple of weeks ago (yes, waaaay too long, don't mention it) here's the second blog I'm currently addicted to. Well, addicted is a strong word. But I guess I check it daily, maybe even a couple of times. It's Pascal's Blog. Yes, Pascal Grob.



So what is this Pascal guy doing and why is it good? Pascal is blogging on his homepage with the catchy name Fashion Bits and Bobs. Yes, I also like the name and no, he's not American. And he's also not British. I guess his name pretty much shows off his Swiss origin. I was surprised when a friend showed me his page a couple of months ago. Surprised that Switzerland actually has bloggers like him. I never knew why but I always thought Swiss people were just less fashionable than others. It's so not true. And he proudly presents his unique and confident style.

Pascal is not only a blogger, he's mainly a photographer. And for his young age, he's a good one. Not only was he interviewed by (very good interview btw!), he was also featured in the Vogue Paris, the Vogue Turkey or the ELLE Belgium (complete list here).

I don't want to write too much. Check him out, take a look at his blog and browse through his pictures. Let them talk.


Fashion Bits and Bobs

Pascal's Visual Diary

Pascal's Lookbook



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0 a timeless classic.

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"This is a simple story... but not an easy one to tell... "


I've not often seen a movie that funny but at the same time containing that much value and wisdom hidden between the lines. Roberto Benigni shows a hilarious performance in Life is Beautiful and definitely deserved the Oscar he got for this role in 1998. I know that I was supposted to watch this movie lots of years ago, but I kinda missed out on that one. At times, it may seem cheesy, but in fact it's totally worth watching.

I took something from it. Maybe you will, too


And this is why I love Benigni:


and also check out how he behaved at the Oscars here


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1 thursday melody #11

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Miike Snow - Song For No One

1 baggypants - zurich.

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0 how I held my breath for 17 minutes.

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I never knew what to think about David Blaine. You could always look at him on TV doing his crazy shit and people were asking themselves - why is he doing this? Apparently, there are reasons.

Watch the video. It's quite inspiring.

5 female tunes.

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In the last couple of days I kinda listened to female voices all the time. Not because I was surrounded by girls (not only), but because a couple of artists were put on repeat on my iTunes playlist. I wanted to let you know which three in particular I'm talking about.


1) Marina and the Diamonds

I got her album The Family Jewels and it's mind-blowing. Marina has this something in her voice. And I love it. She's not this girlish Britney Spears copy, she's a real lady. And her welsh-greek mixture is just unique. I like unique stuff.

And yes, her music is not less special. She calls it experimental pop music and I kinda agree. It's hard to compare it to someone else but it somehow reminds me of Florence and the Machine, although I still prefer Marina.

And to your information: Marina and the Diamonds is not a band. It's Marina alone (because of Marina Lambrini Diamandis). So don't talk in the plural. 

Marina's MySpace

Marina's Homepage


2) Ellie Goulding

Again the UK (and again nearly Wales, what do people eat there??). Ellie Goulding. I found her first because of a duet with the Swedish singer Erik Hassle. I was curious and found new stuff really fast. And then I finally purchased her album Lights. And it's good. Not as good as Marina's but still pretty different. It's not the usual pop music you hear on your average radio station, it has this artistic flair. And songs like Starry Eyed are simply addictive.

Ellie's MySpace

Ellie's Homepage


3) Lykke Li

Definitely one of the artistic jewels on our planet. This sensitivity in her voice, this innocence. Perfectly seductive and addictive. Her album Youth Novel has everything I need when I listen to music. I'd probably take it to a lonely island if I had to stay there for a couple of years. It wouldn't get boring. She's Skandinavian, and yes, it seems to be true what men think about them.

Buy it. I love her.

Lykke's MySpace

Lykke's Homepage


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2 thursday melody #10

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Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma

0 thursday melody #9

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Ernie Halter - Whisper

2 the daily mail.

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January 18th 1936 was a Sunday.

I was walking through the flea market today. There were so many tiny things telling stories bigger than we could imagine. I found this newspaper and I had to get it. The $2 that I spent were totally worth the pleasure it gives me.



On the upper right corner of the first page it says "Kipling gravely ill". Yes, Kipling was the guy who wrote The Jungle Book in 1894.

He died that day. 


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I love quotes.



I see them everywhere, my ears filter the tiniest ones out of songs, my eyes analyze every word I read. I've always been fascinated how much truth, depth and actually the whole sense of our exsistence can be put in such a small sum of words. And I have to admit that some quotes really influenced me in how I life my life.

That's why I'm gonna share my top five quotes with you (even though they actually change all the time...)


1) "We have this idea that love is supposed to last forever. But love isn't like that. It's a free-flowing energy that comes and goes when it pleases. Sometimes, it stays for life; other times it stays for a second, a day, a month or a year. So don't fear love when it comes simply because it makes you vulnerable. But don't be surprised when it leaves either. Just be glad you had the opportunity to experience it."

Neil Strauss


2) "If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don't mind being completely insane."

April Wheeler, Revolutionary Road


3) "Your words in my memory are like music to me."

Snow Patrol, Set The Fire To The Third Bar


4) "Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

Oprah Winfrey


5) "I almost wish we were butterflies and lived but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain."

John Keats


What are your favourite quotes?

0 where is my mind?

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I know I usually only write about nice movies, I shouldn't do that. I'm not a good critic then. But well, I mentioned before that I don't like movie critic's opinions, so why should I want to be one? Nevertheless, this entry won't be different than the others. Because I am a total moron, I waited eleven years before I finally watched Fight Club. What an ass-kicking, amazing piece of movie history. 


I don't really know why I warn you, 'cause probably I'm the only one who's waited so long to watch it. But I just found my unnatural love towards movies who handle the topic of schizophrenia (like A Beautiful Mind) or in general movies where people have no control about their bodies and their actions.

Let's enjoy the ending of Fight Club again. Eleven years too late.

But better late than never.


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0 thursday melody #8

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The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

4 my new baby and a stranger's lens reccomendation.

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I have to introduce you to my new baby. Isn't she cute?


It's the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Yes, I know it's considered a children's toy and yes, I know it will probably fall apart as soon as I drop it the first time. And I don't care. And that's why...

1) The Price

This lens cost me $129.99. That's a really good price for a 50mm lens. I wasn't sure for a while wheter I should buy this one or the 50mm f/1.4. But the fact that the latter is three times more expensive than the f/1.8 really supported my decision.

2) This Review

Canon EF 50mm - F1.4 vs. F1.8 MK II

It perfectly summarized all the skills that those lenses actually have. And I just couldn't see why I should pay that much more for a lens which is actually not that much better. Well, of course, the F-settings are lower but let's be honest, when do you actually need F1.4?

3) My Male Instinct

And I simply trust in it.

Now I would like to focus on a topic I touched here a couple of days ago. I planned to provide you with all the information about what Canon lenses I recommend by my personal knowledge. However, I stumbled upon those cute little FAQ's on Canon lenses online. It's a fantastic summary and every word I would write here myself would make it worse.

Go check it out, it's a real help!


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1 supergreatfantastic movie quote.

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Jesse: Alright, I have an admittedly insane idea, but if I don't ask you this it's just, uh, you know, it's gonna haunt me the rest of my life. 

Celine: What? 

Jesse: Um... I want to keep talking to you, y'know. I have no idea what your situation is, but, uh, but I feel like we have some kind of, uh, connection. Right? 

Celine: Yeah, me too. 

Jesse: Yeah, right, well, great. So listen, so here's the deal. This is what we should do. You should get off the train with me here in Vienna, and come check out the capital. 

Celine: What? 

Jesse: Come on. It'll be fun. Come on. 

Celine: What would we do? 

Jesse: Umm, I don't know. All I know is I have to catch an Austrian Airlines flight tomorrow morning at 9:30 and I don't really have enough money for a hotel, so I was just going to walk around, and it would be a lot more fun if you came with me. And if I turn out to be some kind of psycho, you know, you just get on the next train. 

Jesse: Alright, alright. Think of it like this: jump ahead, ten, twenty years, okay, and you're married. Only your marriage doesn't have that same energy that it used to have, y'know. You start to blame your husband. You start to think about all those guys you've met in your life and what might have happened if you'd picked up with one of them, right? Well, I'm one of those guys. That's me y'know, so think of this as time travel, from then, to now, to find out what you're missing out on. See, what this really could be is a gigantic favor to both you and your future husband to find out that you're not missing out on anything. I'm just as big a loser as he is, totally unmotivated, totally boring, and, uh, you made the right choice, and you're really happy. 

Celine: Let me get my bag. 


Before Sunrise (1995), starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy


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0 a red, white and turquoise shirt.

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4 my favourite blogs

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This is the first entry of a new small series about my current favourite blogs. I'm going to try to summarize what the authors are blogging about and tell you why I like them. I'm going to start with UARRR is a German blog, written by a guy called Marcel Wichmann. I got to know it a couple of months ago and since then I just keep taking a look at it. To my surprise, actually every day. It recently underwent a redesign, so you can't really compare the page as it looks now to what it looked like when I first saw it.


It is one of the most read German blogs.


I think it's not exaggerated to call Marcel a narcissist. Well, I don't know him personally but his blog entries show everything but a lack of self-confidence. He's also not scared of having rather rude discussions with people who comment on his blog. And well, I like it. He's not just deleting the posts, he's actually responding. And, to be fair, he usually has the better arguments.

So, what is his blog actually about? It took me some time to figure that out. In his own description the blog is about nothing but himself. He does comiclike illustrations, actually. And he has a pretty nice project called HalloUnbekannt, where he interviews people, mostly known from the internet or not really known at all.

I like him. He's totally straightforward. He's not afraid of whatever reactions the readers might have. The thing is - the bigger the amount of readers, the bigger the influence and the responsibility. Your statements can actually have an impact. And I think after four years of blogging he realized that and with the redesign he also changed the subjects of his blog entries. There are fewer nonsense postings, only containing a picture of himself with a unnecessary note (and yes, people actually read that). He focuses way more on his illustrations, trying to work on his portfolio and on his career. And he finally figured out how to use his blog as a role model and giving beginners in the field of blogging tips how to improve their skills and how to design their blogs (check it out here and here). He also tried to explain his redesign; why he did it, where he found the inspiration to do it... and simply how he did it (his blog entry Betreff: Art Directed Blogging).

Just check this guy out if you know how to speak German and try to form your own opinion about Marcel and his work. And if you don't understand shit - there are nice pictures. 

Have fun.


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0 chloe.

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I think it's her innocent look. She's got those big bambi eyes and this soft voice that leaves you thinking she could never hurt anyone. It makes her freaking hot.

I admit it, I'm in love with Amanda Seyfried. I thought I already was after watching Dear John, but Chloe is a complete different level. Amanda is playing a prostitute who gets hired by a doctor (Julianne Moore) to seduce her husband who is suspected of cheating on his wife. Eventually, the situation gets out of control and Chloe, Amanda's character in the movie, changes everything.

There is no reason not to recommend this movie. If you don't like it... Well, I don't like you, then. Beh.


side note: The performance of Liam Neeson was good. Not special or anything, just good. After watching the movie though I read online that they started to film before his wife Natacha Richardson had her horrible skiing accident. After her death he came back to the set and he acted for two days so that all the other people who had worked on this movie hadn't been wasting their time shooting his scenes in the beginning. He's a big man.


6/5          smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley(smiley)


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0 thursday melody #7

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Philipp Poisel - Wo Fängt Dein Himmel An

3 tamara.

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0 tamara - english bay.

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3 what canon dslr do I need?

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Lots of people recently asked me for advice because they were willing to purchase a new DSLR camera. So I guess a general and public advice can be needed. To all of you guys out there who are not sure whether to buy a Canon DSLR or the Nikon version - this blog entry is not gonna help you. I've never really tried the Nikons out 'cause I was usually really satisfied with my Canon cameras.

The first questions you gotta ask yourself are...

...what kind of photographer do I want to be?

...what are my financial limits?

..and do I really need what I want?


The Absolute Beginner

If you've never even touched a DSLR camera before I can tell you that the beginning will be hard. If you now purchase a camera that's used by pro's you're either very confident and willing to spend your precious time figuring out how that thing works or you're just overrating your skills. I've seen guys buying cameras for $2500 taking pictures in the landscape or sport mode because they had no idea how to take pictures manually.

Talking about specific models I'd recommend a Canon Rebel (I know, they're only available in North America).

For example the Canon EOS Rebel XS. This camera combines absolute simplicity with fairly good results. The handling is really easy, you have a 2.5 inch screen which is probably very much needed and appreciated by beginners and the price is more than reasonable.

The other possibility, even tough it's maybe a bit more challenging, would be the Canon EOS Rebel XSi, It has 2 Megapixels more than the XS and it comes with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens which I used aswell when I started taking pictures (and I still use at times!).

For my Swiss friends I also need to talk about your possible purchases. Here, my recommendation is pretty simple. The Canon EOS 1000D has an excellent value for money. It's around 600 CHF, and, let's be honest, that's what I paid for my Canon IXUS 750 a couple of years ago. And this camera is bullshit compared to the 1000D...


The Advanced Photographer

If you already kinda know how to handle the camera and you stopped holding it upside down or into the direction of your face when you try to take a picture of the landscape (oh yeah, i've seen that), than you're probably ready for one of the more sophisticated models.

So how about the Canon EOS 50D? This camera has 15 Megapixel, garantees better sharpness than the before mentioned Rebel models and has an ISO range from 100-3200 (even tough I highly recommend you to keep the ISO as low as possible!). It also has a 3.0 inch screen, what brings you high resolution pictures (yes, that 920.000 dots/VGA). For around $1100 you get the camera without a lens in North America. So the investion will be greater but the results aswell. I guarantee that.

For Switzerland I'd highly recommend the Canon EOS 450D or the EOS 500D. The 450D is a perfectly accurate camera. It has 12 Megapixels and, well, is just good. It's pretty simple to handle, is very light and you can buy it for 1038 CHF. Still, it's gonna lose compared to the 500D, which has 3 Megapixels more and an unbelievable ISO range from 100-12.800. And yes, this camera also has an HD video function.


The Professional

Well, if you're a professional you probably know more than me and you don't really need my advice. But I want to tell you about my dreams. If I had money I'd buy the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. 3.9 pictures a second. 21.1 Megapixels. Full HD videos. ISO range up to 25.600.

And 3500 CHF.


I'm gonna keep dreaming now.

coming soon: what lens do I need?


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3 william fitzsimmons.

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One of my favourite artists brought out a new album on iTunes Europe yesterday. It only took a couple of seconds and I was listening to it.


It is fan-tas-tic!


Derivatives is his new baby's name. Actually is only has two completely new songs. Even tough one of them is actually a cover. So one song is new. It's called So This Is Goodbye and I swear, if it was on Youtube already, there would be a video link here (click on the MySpace link below to listen!)

The album also includes some new versions of a couple of his old songs and remixes. I tell you, the remixes are definitely worth listening to! They kinda remind me of his song Afterall, which also contained this Fitzsimmons atypical beat in the background. Incredibly addictive.

There is also a very very nice version of Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl. I simply love William's cover songs! (check out his version of Kanye West's Heartless here)

I totally recommend you to make the investment and download this album on iTunes. Your ears will be thankful.


William Fitzsimmons on MySpace

William Fitzsimmons on Facebook

William Fitzsimmons' Homepage

0 style selection

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1, 6, 7 by Facehunter - 2, 3, 5, 6 by Sartorialist - 4 by Stil in Berlin


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0 life is short - it has to be captured.

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0 thursday melody #6

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The Tallest Man On Earth - It Will Follow The Rain

1 the clash of harry brown on elm street.

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I am a bad blogger, I know. Unconventional happenings held me off blogging the last few days. Buuuuut (and that's a big but!) I've watched several movies and I'd love to share my opinion about them with you.


#1 - Harry Brown

Harry Brown is an elderly ex-serviceman who's looking for revenge. His best friend got killed by a group of young guys who are always hanging out at the nearby subway. The movie shows in an impressive way how a parallel society with its own rules and laws can develop. Michael Caine is a very believable leading actor. His character shows a lot of emotions but can, at the same time, act unexpectedly sometimes.

It's a remarkable movie with a great cast. And I love how the connection between different generations and the relationship between the common people and the police is shown. Very recommendable!


#2 A Nightmare on Elm Street

I saw the preview of this movie in the theatre last week. So today I went there again to check it out. And I liked it (even though I have to add that I went with a friend and we completely disagreed on our judgements). Seriously, what do you expect? It's a horror movie and it's a remake. There's a lot of blood, some really scary scenes and some beautiful girls to make the movie more attractive for the average folk. Not more, not less. It completely perfomed its task.

And I fell in love with Katie Cassidy. Believe me, the movie's worth the money.


#3 Clash of the Titans

Probably nice if you care about video editing. Well, I don't.

Complete Bullshit.


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0 the guy with the funny turquoise mustache.

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This picture is for him. Cause he has a new blog design. And I liked the idea of taking a picture like this one. Enough for today.

Peace and flowers.


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1 thursday melody #5

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Apparat - You Don't Know Me

3 the new iphone.

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I like German beer. They say that German beer caused the loss of the new iPhone 4G. Somehow it was left in the bar and made its way to the editorial department of Gizmodo.

Jason Chen's apartment got searched by the police last friday. He said he found the newest prototype of the iPhone in the before mentioned bar. Some sources say, he bought it off someone for $5,000. I don't know which story is true and which one is wrong. And I don't care. But Chen is not the one to blame! It's great that he shared his new knowledge with us. The guy who lost the phone should be punished by Apple.

Nevertheless, the new phone will be revolutionary again.

I'm not sure if I believe what I see. But Apple acts pretty serious. And I kinda trust this guy, Jason Chen. It's really possible that we're actually looking at the new iPhone. The iPhone 4G, iPhone HD, iPhone Chen. Whatever. 


...or is it a fake, Mr Jobs?


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2 alex prager.

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The Big Valley was Alex Prager's project in 2008. His pictures were in the New York Times, the Elle UK or in the Time Magazine.

His retro style seems really unique to me. The pictures combine emotional depth and physical beauty. I like it. 


How about you?



Alex' Homepage


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0 the sartorialist vs. facehunter

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Or Scott Schuman vs. Yvan Rodic.

I don't like to compare photographers. I think one man's work should kinda stay untouched. It's its own kind of art. So I don't really know why, but those two are the exception. Both of them are great inspirations for me, their amazing work is always in the back of my head when I'm trying to shoot an acceptable street style picture. Let's analyze them:

I said in the beginning that I don't like to compare artists. And that also didn't change now. What counts is that they're both amazing and really really inspiring to me.

Check them out here:

The Sartorialist


0 jhameel.

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I am amazed. What a fantastic musician!

A friend of mine showed me an article about him. I thought he must be famous. Well, he's not. It's a shame. And that's why I blog about him today, 'cause musicians like him have to get as many positive reviews as possible.

The best thing about his new album is: it's free. You can download it on his homepage.

Try it. Listen. Enjoy the state of trance. And dream.


PS: click on the linked article above and listen to "Hello Cash"! It's my favourite song of the album.


Jhameel on MySpace

Jhameel on Youtube

Jhameel on Twitter

2 I like covered songs.

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Nick Gardner - Airplanes (by B.O.B)


Greg Laswell - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (by Cindy Lauper)


Adam Tocholke - Drive My Soul (by LIGHTS)


Scott Simons - Umbrella (by Rihanna)


Zorg - Beat It (by Michael Jackson)

0 gordon mcbryde.

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There are many amazing photographers. Only a few are able to connect their skills in photography to another one in digital image editing. Gordon McBryde is certainly one of them.

For a couple of years I follow him and check out what novelties and what treasures of aesthetics I can find on his deviantart profile. His portraits are as amazing as the photoshopped pictures of England's landscapes, mostly also involving people. 

I can only recommend you to check him out.

Gordon's Homepage


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3 thursday melody #4

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Cary Brothers - Ride

0 my new clothes.

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The Blazer

The Shoes


That's why I love Urban Outiftters. Full view self-portrait will follow soon!


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0 why I like twitter.

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I like short sentences. I just do. Without all the unnecessary shit. You say what you think, what you do, where you are. In less than 140 letters. That's exactly how I like it.

People argue about Twitter alot. One of the main arguments is "wth do you need this for?". That's not a good argument in my opinion. It's like facebook statuses. Lots of people complain about others who share their entire life on they're facebook wall. I don't give a shit, to be honest, and I understand all of the critics. But Twitter builds exactly the alternative for those people. Because there will always be some of them - and now you can choose if you want to follow them or not. And, because Twitter is not as personal as Facebook, you won't even hurt anyone's feelings if you don't.

I like it, because it's easy. I go on the page, don't even have to log in 'cause my password is already saved, type in my letters and that's it. Once a day for me. Enough. I like to read what people think that I like. Like famous photographers, musicians, whatever. Short statements, no long texts (btw I know this one is becoming one, haha).

And because I just realized that, the cons of my posting are gonna be shorter.

But still, most of the cons are really unimportant.

I like Twitter. Short statement. Great value.


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1 adam.

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When I read the description of the movie before I watched it I had to think of 'I am Sam' with Sean Penn. I loved this movie, so my expectations were pretty high from the beginning.

The story is about Adam, who is suffering from the Asperger Syndrome. He's a guy in his late twenties living in an apartment with his father. In the beginning of the movie however, his father dies. His new neighbor called Beth gets to know him better after a while and he starts to share his unique view of the world with her.

I'm still not sure about my opinion. I just watched it ten minutes ago and I'm still not really able to figure out how much I liked it. It is a good movie though. I didn't really know Hugh Dancy a lot. I know that he played in 'King Arthur' but that's it. I like the way he interprets and performs this difficult role.

I also liked the soundtrack chosen by director Max Mayer. There are some beautiful songs by The Weepies or Joshua Radin. And I just love them, so that was definitely another plus.

It's a film with a lot of emotion, with intellect and it gives us another view on everything around us. It is an experience. And, I've made up my mind, I really liked it.


4/5      smileysmileysmileysmiley


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0 switzerland is beautiful.

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sources: Pascal Grob's Visual Diary and Elite Model Look

0 the smile - vancouver, bc.

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4 thursday melody #3

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Angus & Julia Stone - Heart Full Of Wine

0 why im not gonna buy a nexus one.

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I always thought Google and Apple were friends. On my iPhone I could always use Google Earth, Google Maps or just the regular websearch function. I think that's over. They're getting more competative.

I don't really think that Google's new phone will be much better than the iPhone. I don't even think they want to be. They want to keep doing what they've always done: they collect datas, convert them into Google Ads and sell them. That's how the get money. A lot of it.

What I like about the Nexus One is that it solved some of the problems most iPhone users had. On the homescreen you can see some useful stuff like the weather and the calendar. That's pretty practical for business people. I also like the fact that the resolution is higher than the one on the iPhone.

What I really love about my iPhone is the camera. The Nexus One has more megapixels but no autofocus. I don't know, what would you say is worth more?

All in all I have to admit that the Nexus One is a really good phone. But I still wouldn't buy it. Because there is nothing new. They actually transformed and copied most of Apple's ideas... And I kinda like inventions and innovations. That's why I'm gonna stick with my iPhone 3G. Because I love Apple.

And because they were first.

0 redhead - vancouver, bc.

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2 two glasses - vancouver, bc.

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2 cop out.

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Hi-la-ri-ous. Who doesn't love Bruce Willis? After 'The Sixth Sense' or 'The Mercury Puzzle' I already really liked him and this movie is just the next one in the list. The jokes are brilliant, the actors aswell. I didn't know Tracy Morgan that well before, so that was another discovery for me.


' The film received mostly negative reviews.

The review aggretator Rotten Tomatoes labeled the film "rotten", based on 106 reviews with an average score of 3.8/10, with only 19% of the critics nationwide giving the film a positive review, reporting the consensus was that "Cop Out" was "a cliched buddy action/comedy that suffers from stale gags and slack pacing." ' (quote from Wikipedia)


That's why I never cared about what the critics say. Idiots.


4/5  smileysmileysmileysmiley

Good night.


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3 the wild tiger.

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I never really cared about Tiger Woods. You know, he was there. But he was also kinda... unimportant. I knew he was rich, I knew he was a good golf player. But I really didn't give a shit.

And then he suddenly cheated on his wife like 200 times. Bumm. I don't know why but I kinda liked him from that point on. Maybe 'cause he seemed more like an actual man after this. And in my opinion his public apology was more than inappropriate. I mean, honestly, who was hurt because of his failures but his wife? Nobody. He talks about his dissapointed fans - and I am like: what? Does a fan actually care who's getting laid by his idol?

The commercial is pretty stylish, I kinda like it. The voice you hear is Tiger's father who passed away in 2006. So it's actually not related to what happend recently. But still, Nike chose a nice quote, it really fits. I don't know if Tiger's father would have allowed them to actually use it and show this spot on ESPN and the golf channel though. 

So, Tiger, did you learn anything?

0 the couple - vancouver, bc.

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0 thursday melody #2

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Sophie Hunger - Le Vent Nous Portera

1 let men burn stars.

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click for full view.


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0 the lovely bones.

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I've never been too much of a fan of crime stories. Stories with a murderer, the police looking for him (it's mostly a guy, let's be honest) and the poor victims. 'The Lovely Bones' is the exception.

What I like about the movie, is that it's pretty clear what happend from the beginning. That's what makes it special. Peter Jackson succeeds in his try of combinating a story about people's minds with stunning visual effects that take you into another world. The movie sometimes kinda reminded me of Robin Williams' 'What Dreams May Come'. I loved that movie when I was a kid and I still do so that was definitely a plus!

Saoirse Ronan (most people probably know her from 'Atonement') is an amazing leading actress, considering her age. Remarkable.

All in all, I really like the movie and I definitely recommend it!


5/5 smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


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0 cloudy vancouver and glasses.

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Self Portrait Lieger

CAP Urban Outfitters, SCARF BIG Zurich, JUMPER Zara, LEATHER JACKET Jack & Jones, T-SHIRT American Apparel, PANTS Levi's, SHOES Aldo


now playing: Angus & Julia Stone - Heart Full of Wine

0 on the dark side.

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This is gonna be a short entry, I'm actually still recovering. Home party all night long. We were dancing in the kitchen. People were drinking.

One thing has to be said though: Never put your contacts in Nasal Spray over night, even if you don't have anything else to put them into. Believe me, you're not gonna like it.

The picture above is a random self portrait I took yesterday, I tried to experiment outside, 'cause the weather seemed really inviting. I should definitely do that more often. There are gonna be new pictures soon!

I'll keep you posted.


now playing: Owl City - Hello Seattle (Remix)

2 "hello vancouver."

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The line was huge when I arrived there. I felt kinda lost, surrounded by fourteen-year-olds who were wearing red-green-pink-whatever-colour pants combinated with band-t-shirts. I felt old.

That lasted five minutes, until I met Shawn. He's 34, he was also looking for a ticket. The weather sucked. So we were standing there in the rain and talked. He's an autograph hunter. He actually showed me his leg, where he tattooed the autograph of his favourite drummer (don't ask me what band, I have no idea). And he told me the story how he hitchhiked from Vancouver to Austin, Texas to attend a musicians funeral. Crazy guy.

I had my ticket after ten minutes, even though the show was sold out. It cost me 40 bucks (the regular price would have been $39.75). Not a bad deal, eh? So I was standing in line, where I met Tyler. He asked LIGHTS out for a date once and he actually showed me a video of when he did that. He didn't really succeed. 

I was literally freezing my ass off. The wind blew into my face, I nearly lost my cap. Eventually, after what seemed an eternity, the doors opened. And I was positively surprised. The Centre wasn't at all what I expected. It was like... beautiful. Everyone had a seat, it was kinda like the Zurich Opera House. I liked it.

Paper Route were the opening act (and to be honest, I didn't know there was a third band besides LIGHTS and Owl City). But oh my god they were good. Like awesome actually. When I arrived home a couple of hours ago I downloaded their last album called "Absence". Give it a try, I think it's great!

LIGHTS was kinda dissapointing. I mean, okay, she looked gorgeous. And I would probably marry her (so I really understand why Tyler asked her out!). But the sound sucked a couple of times. The vocals were not loud enough, her keyboard-guitar-thing didn't work properly a couple of times. But she's from Vancouver, so everyone loved her. And no one cared. Neither did I, actually.

Owl City was good, even though he didn't play my favourite song. He had a nice light show, the girls went completely crazy (I don't know if he cared... what gender does he prefer, actually?). I expected a bit more, his voice sounds way clearer on tape than live. Nevertheless the performance was solid.

The last song of the night was a special version of "Hello Seattle". I'll let you guess in what way.

PS: The video on top was my favourite song of the night. Performed by the only band I didn't know. That's why I love life - it's full of surprises.


now playing: Paper Route - Lovers' Anthem

1 amuseing.

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source: myspace

What an amazing night. I knew Muse were great, it was not the first time I've seen them. But the show they made for us tonight was unbelievably amazing. Laser lights everywhere, more than 10'000 people going completely crazy. And Matthew Bellamy was as cool as always. As if there was nothing that could have distracted him (keep in mind: there were approx. 6000 screaming girls). If you ever have the chance to see them live, don't miss it. You will regret it for a long long time!

The only thing I didn't like too much today was how the people ignored the Silversun Pickups. I really like their music. They had a pretty solid performance but actually no one cared. At least I did. But still, Muse was from another planet, the shows are not comparable to each other.

AND I nearly forgot: they took my baby away from me! I wasn't able to take pictures! I should have taken my small Canon IXUS... It was completely my fault, I admit that. Tomorrow I won't be that stupid again! If I'm lucky I'll see Owl City's show in Vancouver than...

I'll keep you posted.

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0 moon.

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I was curious when I saw the title and the poster of the movie. It was a random homepage somewhere for new DVD releases.

The movie is about a man living on the moon and working for a company on earth. He's on his own. But suddenly he's not that alone anymore...

I love the images that the director creates, it's a really aesthetic movie. Duncan Jones did a good job. Definitely worth a try!


4/5   smileysmileysmileysmiley

now playing: The Weepies - Love doesn't last too long

1 neil strauss.

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"We have this idea that love is supposed to last forever. But love isn't like that. It's a free-flowing energy that comes and goes when it pleases. Sometimes, it stays for life; other times it stays for a second, a day, a month or a year. So don't fear love when it comes simply because it makes you vulnerable. But don't be surprised when it leaves either. Just be glad you had the opportunity to experience it."


now playing: Thirteen Senses - Gone

0 thursday melody #1

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Feist - Mushaboom

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